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-Solo Exhibition, Proof. Soho House West Hollywood, CA

-Sotheby's Grails Starry Night, Digital



-Christie's, Miami Art Week, Miami, FL

-Babylon. SoHo, NY (NFT NYC)

-Transient Labs. Oculus Center (NFT NYC)

-WEN Tokyo. Japan

-Lowkey Ventures x 30 Campos Eliseos. Tribeca, NY 

-Proof GRAILS IV. Los Angeles, CA

-The Gateway NFT Korea


-SuperRare Pop-up Gallery. SoHo, New York (NFT NYC)

-WonderFair (NFT NYC)

-W1 Curates Medici Collection. London

-Art Innovation. Miami Beach, FL (Art Basel)

-Transient Labs. Miami, FL (Art Basel)

-Beyond Basel Trippy Labs. Miami, FL (Art Basel)

-Artcrush Gallery. Paris, France


-SuperRare. Miami, FL (Art Basel)


Visions Panel with Magnus Resch and PROOF

PROOF Grails season IV (starts at 1:02:44)

AOTM - The Beauty of Reimagining History


Reidar Radio (Podcast)

- Spotify

- Apple Podcasts


Solo Exhibition, West Hollywood, CA (Feb, 2024)

Christie's. Miami Art Week. Miami Beach, FL (Dec, 2023)

Art Innovation. Miami Beach, FL (2022)

W1 Curates Medici Collection. London (2022)

WEN Tokyo, Japan (2023)

Transient Labs. NYC (2023)

Uzumaki Gallery. Los Angeles, CA (2021)

SuperRare Gallery, NYC (2022)

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The Foundry, Proof GRAILS IV, Los Angeles (2023)

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